The world is held together by the interaction of three primal forces. Positive, Neutral, and Negative Energy. The living Ocean below, the deadly Void above, and the Prime Material Plane in between. Love, power, and wisdom. The soul, the body, and the mind. Something of Negative power is Vorpal, something of Positive power is Mithral, and something of Neutral power is simply called Neutral.

Mithral’s blind creation is shortsighted. On her own, she will ultimately destroy the universe as fast as Vorpal. Neutral maintained the balance between the two, allowing Vorpal to claim creations when their time had come, making way for new life, and thus the end of the universe was forestalled for as long as would be possible.

Mithral, Neutral, and Vorpal had also a series of servants. Neutral had the two servants Covenant and Dominus, who each observed Vorpal and Mithral respectively to keep the peace. Meanwhile Vorpal had his ally Tiamat and Mithral had Marduk. Harlequin arose from Mithral and Vorpal and was mischievous and a trickster.

Vorpal and Mithral were barred from interfering directly with creation by the edict of Neutral, and as such Covenant and Dominus were also required to leave the Prime Material Plane be, as their duty was to watch Vorpal and Mithral. However, no such ban applied to Marduk, Tiamat, or Harlequin. Marduk fought Tiamat and was ultimately victorious, leading to the creation of the four civilizations of the world on the banks of the four grand rivers. Tiamat returned and mated with each of the four rivers, creating four great monsters. Marduk slew the monsters, but their descendants still roam the earth. Nonetheless, civilization flourished.

Dominus persuaded Harlequin to keep Marduk preoccupied in a mostly unused demi-plane, where they were both sealed inside by Dominus. He then descended to the surface and established his control over the civilizations of the world. When Covenant discovered Dominus’ actions on the Prime instead of watching Mithral as was his duty, Covenant too came to the earth. Meanwhile, the cosmos began falling out of balance as both Vorpal and Mithral begin sniping at one another, Neutral unable to police them both on his own. Covenant and Dominus both refused to leave the Prime while the other remained. Finally, seeking a decisive advantage over Covenant, Dominus usurped the power of Vorpal and dealt a decisive wound to Covenant. At Neutral’s request, Mithral came to the surface to confront Dominus. During the battle, the power of Mithral waxed and the oceans flooded the surface, and Dominus, wielding the power of Vorpal, ripped chunks of the earth into the sky as the great vacuum began to swallow the world whole. Finally, Dominus was sealed away. Striking when she was weakened, Neutral sealed Mithral away as well, restoring the balance once more.


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