Maru's Notes

-Chimera 6, from Imperial Army. Found to be Chimera of angel and devil. Mostly human, though she still reads as an angel/devil to tests.
-Arrange to frame Jemique (Message to Devin, Devin finds grudge servant in bar, illusion of him pushing Count)
-Scarily practical and possibly slightly paranoid.
-May or may not transform into a dread beast at age 16. Currently 15.
-“It’s pretty easy to avoid detecting as Evil.”
-“There’s people who kill to live and people who live to kill. The second kind, maybe you can point them at a bigger target, but once they’ve outlived their usefulness you get rid of them to make room for the first kind.” Note: standard Imperial propaganda.
-“I’ve killed more people than I can count. Not all of them were soldiers. Is that good enough for you? I didn’t start these wars and I didn’t ask to fight them. None of what’s happened is my fault.”
“You don’t believe that,” the angel says.
“I am done talking to you,” Chime says.

-“Hierophant is come. Bid farewell to creation.”
-Chaotic readings, per Julia.
-Picture: a picture of an eighteen-foot tall demon with wings, reverse-joint legs, and made of chaos. It is labeled “Hierophant.”
-Cleanse creation, according to captured ensorcelled spellcaster.
-Tiamat Connection?
-Connection to New God Gwendolyn: W

-“Six or seven feet tall, with great long beards made of spines. They wielded polearms, some sort of glaive, and they were very strong, very fast, very skilled. And very difficult to kill. The blows of my armsmen rolled off them like nothing, I was the only one who could even harm them.” – Echyorath
-High ranking devil Vasria, see Evil Ash

Mad Wizard Carnum

Twistwood Elves
-Thought to have gone extinct
-Wear spider bits (later found to use spider venom)
-Didn’t like that one spider we killed
-Cunningly disguised settlement, nearly invisible from outside but reasonably comfortable from within. ~50 population
-Elder tested me for illusion by pushing on me firmly, I did likewise. Might have wanted to do that a bit more.
-attacked us in the middle of the night, turned out to all be doppelgangers, elder was Beguiler of Went. We cunningly fell for his trap!
-Spider hole hidden in village. We killed all of the spiders. Barbarians living nearby chose to burn forest down because of probably more spiders.

The Four Wolves:
“To the best of your knowledge, where specifically is the being commonly known as Ysandra the Diabolist located?”
“Four wolves have come down from the mountains,” speaks the corpse, “a hellhound in the center, her bitch on the west, a mirage on the east, and the fourth follows the first, all made of glass.”
“What specifically do you know about the invasion of Poten by fiends and their followers?”
“The tide rises,” the corpse says, “the lowest are always claimed first, but a flood of fire shall baptise all the world in suffering and sin. From below they come. The faithful shall be rewarded. The heretics smitten down forever.”
“Who specifically is the Hellhound?”
“From the nine pits she rises,” the corpse speaks, “the scourge of mortals, our dark lady in hate and fear. For a thousand years we have floated on tides of darkness. She is the rising tide that shall drown this island forever.”
-Mythological things

Thought so. It’s just regular correspondence between this guy and the dude who runs this place. Or more accurately, his secretary. Basically it says that the Ettin Chiefs have sent word that an army approaches, led by heroes of some involvement with the Diabolic invasion. From the sound of things, the Devils and Tiamat had an alliance of opportunity – they both wanted to wreck Poten’s shit and agreed to stay out of each other’s way while doing so, although a showdown between the two of them was inevitable after the Human kingdoms were choked out. In any case, that’s how they know of you, as the army that kicked the Devils’ teeth in. This particular order is an order to bunker down until someone gives the all-clear, because the traps could activate at any moment.
The note is signed as being from the desk of “Rex Ignis,” so that is presumably the grand poobah, or maybe a guy on a council of grand poobah’s, or maybe a sub-grand poobah or something.

Maru's Notes

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