This is a reference page for the current threat level of the different regions in the area.

Swamp Kingdom

Daku Plain: Peaceful, Helpful, Cult
Northern Swamp: Peaceful, Helpful, Cult
Southern Swamp: Border, Helpful, Cult
Dondell County: Border, Helpful, Cult
Cormor County: Border, Hostile
Ramething Hills: Restless, Helpful, Cult
Carnum County: Restless, Helpful, Cult
Laress Wood: Peaceful, Helpful, Cult


East Wood Territory: Border, Indifferent
Darrock Territory: Border, Unfriendly
West Wood Territory: Restless, Hostile
Archos Territory: Restless, Unfriendly
Sesson Territory: Restless, Unfriendly
Gelden Territory: Dangerous, Unfriendly


Hillswatch Barony: Border, Friendly, Cult
Sepkis Barony: Dangerous, Unfriendly
Varnwood Barony: Hostile, Unfriendly
Temple Hills: Hostile, Hostile
Gallas’ Throne: Hostile, Unfriendly
Old Glade Kingdom: Border, Hostile
Baneswatch Barony: Hostile, Unfriendly
Volter Barony: Peaceful, Unfriendly
Witchwatch Barony: Dangerous, Unfriendly
Minaswood: Hostile, Hostile


West Gorgoth: Hostile, Hostile
Gorgoth Mountains: Hostile, Hostile


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