The Sky

There are thirteen major islands, most of which are the center of a small archipelago.

Majjis: The head of the Imperialist faction, home to an old and well-established colony.

Argent: A powerful colony home to numerous wizards, often used to conduct unethical research that might go over poorly on the more well-regulated surface.

Contour: An Imperialist colony with a high reputation for the arts and culture. Detached from the other colonies.

Serpis: A moderately Imperialist colony, known for its seedy underworld connections and harboring spies and traitors from other colonies who sold out to surface nations.

Discordia: A moderately Imperialist colony. The indigenous people worshipped Harlequin and the religion is still alive today, leading to an anarchic culture that is often irritating or even frightening to outsiders.

Gangall: A conflicted colony. Home to a number of warring states, largely undeveloped and primitive.

Poten: A conflicted colony. Also home to multiple warring or impoverished states, the players’ first colony.

Typhon: Leader of the anti-Imperialist movement, they’re a relatively meritocratic nation struggling to shake off the spectre of eugenics and slavery in their recent past, and to avoid having their current actions judged in light of their ugly history.

Gollus: An anti-Imperialist colony, fond of experiments with constructs and other magical crafts. Firmly opposed to regulations on their trade of all sort.

Haraqim: An independent island. Often employed as mercenaries, they are well known for their ability as assassins and spies.

Upper Akhet: An independent island. Worshipers of the new god Helios, they are whispered to engage in dark practices like human sacrifice.

Morenti: An independent island, heavily steeped in the controversial practice of necromancy.

Avaric: An independent island. Largely uncivilized and warlike, they often migrate to other islands where they make a living as nomadic tricksters and thieves.

The islands drift about the sky in a way that is mostly important only in that sometimes islands are in a better position to attack or be attacked by each other and different points on the surface. Probably it also messes with seasons (if an island’s “orbit” is right, it might never leave the summer parts of the world).

The Sky

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