Gollus is an island ruled by a loose alliance of archmages, who long ago banded together to conquer the island from the warlords and monarchs who once ruled the bulk of the island. Since the formation of that alliance, it has held, with only occasional disturbance and upheaval, for centuries. It has since become a realm of wizardry and, in a strange sort of way, a center of learning. Wizards are now openly accepted throughout the island (and indeed, they are a protected class of people), and yet they still keep their schools and libraries secret, hidden in the wilderness and guarded by careful spells. Knowledge of magic is passed on to only the most trusted. Archmages are the subject of almost cult-like worship, and hand their secrets out only to a select few.

Gollus is not a tyrannical society, and the common man does not often live in fear of their rulers, even though their rulers are cloistered far away. And yet, criminals, beggars, and other undesirables are often seized by the government for purposes of magical experimentation or even spare parts. Such magical experiments sometimes go out of control and rampage through the countryside, which can cause some resentment amongst the population. Gollus welcomes all those who practice the magical arts, healers and druids as well as necromancers and diabolists.

Gollus collectively values only one thing, really, the freedom to practice their magic and to clean up their own messes (and most of them aren’t terribly concerned if a few peasants get killed in the process; overall the population is benefiting from the advance of magic, after all). Because of this, they are opposed to the Empires Below, as any governor of the island at large, even if he was also a wizard and quite lax, would interfere with the universally agreed upon “so long as you keep it on your own land we don’t care what happens” policy.

When Typhon approached Gollus for an alliance against the Empires Below, Gollus initially refused to be associated with people who treated non-Humans so barbarically (several of the rulers of Gollus being themselves non-Human). After an internal coup and several reforms, Gollus was satisfied enough to form an alliance with Typhon. The Anti-Imperialists now seek to court the favor of native kingdoms of contested islands like Poten and Gangall, and to persuade unified but unaligned islands like Morenti and Akhet to join with them.

Gollus’ climate is schizophrenic. Large swaths of the island are magically locked into climates the ruling wizard finds most pleasant or useful, including being perpetually covered in snow or transformed into a desert or jungle, while the rest of the island has a constantly shifting climate due to Gollus’ wide orbit across the entire world. The island would likely starve if powerful wizards and clerics weren’t capable of guaranteeing good harvests and temperate climates in the breadbasket regions.


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