Island of Poten

The Island is divided into roughly four kingdoms. In the northeast is the Swamp Kingdom, plagued by bandits, a mad wizard (but what else is new), serious monster infestations in their Vorpal mines, and assorted monstery. They’re quite open to negotiation with the Empire.

Over in the south are the Gaellands. They are under threat from numerous magical foes, but are not actively under attack from anyone at the moment, though they do not trust the Gorgoth Kingdom to the north of them. They are not totally averse to uniting with the Empire, but nor are they eager to join.

The Gorgoth Kingdom in the central, mountainous region is covered in dungeons and mines almost all of which are infested with monsters, and as such, the kingdom has made alleigance with them. Home to such infamous locations as the Mithral Bane Mine and the Temple of Tiamat, the kingdom is extremely hostile towards all outsiders.

Finally there is Britos. The Britosi people are caught up in civil war as their feudal structure predictably turns in on itself once more, King Gallas losing his kingdom to the machinations of the vengeful wizard Moltain. The kingdom also includes the ruins of the Elvish city of Glade, leveled by the dark wizard Moltain and his apprentice/lover Mina. Britos is fundamentally incapable of becoming a vassal of the Empire because it’s a failed state. Making matters worse for them is the threat of invasion by Gorgoth, held in check only by the presence of the two powerful wizards Moltain and Mina who have already staked their claim over the kingdom.

Island of Poten

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