On Typhon, all non-Humans were, until recently, considered little more than slave labor, often owned by the state and used for public construction projects, which were kept constantly ongoing in order to make sure the peons never had enough rest to consider revolution. Orcs and Dwarves were valued for their strength and power, and often lived short and brutal lives in labor camps, while Halflings and Elves were easy enough on the eyes to be used as servants, where removing their tongue was a common punishment for those who showed any sign of revolt, even at a very young age. Races that were considered neither useful nor pleasing, like Goblins or Kobolds, were wiped out entirely. Many other islands in the Sky sympathized with the plight of the non-Humans, and frequent attacks were launched on Typhon to try and liberate them. Unfortunately, thanks to labor they couldn’t afford not to use (regardless of cost), Typhon was (and is) a heavily entrenched islandwide stronghold. An alliance between multiple major islands would have broken them nonetheless, but politics of the Sky and the fact that most of the islands were split among multiple tribes or kingdoms prevented this alliance from every materializing.

When Typhon finally did grant a semblance of citizenship to their non-humans, it was only because of the Empires Below. As the Empires gobbled up Majjis, Argent, and Contour, Typhon became convinced that resisting the invasion would require an alliance between the Sky. However, even Gollus, the only other Island that had united against the Empires Below, refused to ally with Typhon so long as they subjected their non-Human residents to such barbaric existences. The courts of Typhon’s aristocracy split into two factions, the traditionalists and the reformists (many of whom prefer to be called “war hawks,” though it’s not like the traditionalists didn’t plan on fighting the Empires). A conspiracy was thus hatched, in which a number of young nobles through a coup against the traditionalists, turning the power over to the reformist houses, and thus shifting the nation into a position of alliance with Gollus and making such alliances more palatable to key battlefield Islands like Poten, Gangall, Morenti, and Akhet.

If you are a landowning Human, Typhon is one of the best places in the Sky to live. It is host to a stable government that is a hybrid of both aristocracy and republic, in which some representatives of Parliament (called Peers) are elected (by Humans who own at least one full acre of property) and others represent the Houses of the nobility (called Lords). The chief executive, called the Archon, is elected from the Parliament by its members, and because the system is weighted in favor of votes from aristocratic members of Parliament, it is usually a Lord who is elected. It is not unheard of for a Peer to be elected Archon, however. As a result of its partially democratic government, those who are able to vote benefit from a standard of living unheard of for the common men of the Sky (though entrenched Imperialist colonies like Majjis are growing close).

Typhon maintains a fairly tight orbit over the Vilectine Empire and some independent nations. Its climate is thus always temperate, although its seasons are sometimes bizarre (i.e. if it drifts nearer the equator, it might have a winter that is more like autumn, and if it drifts nearer the north, its summer may be more like spring). As such, Typhon has an extensive series of irrigation canals and granaries to store food, as there are sometimes entire years where there is no harvest.


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